Thursday, April 29, 2010

No suck/swallow reflex

Melina is being naughty! My nurse said she heard one of the babies in the nursery crying and offered to go feed her. She thought it was the baby that was born yesterday and was shocked to find that it was my Melina tumblina. She was in there crying and tearing off her leads and her NG tube out of her mouth. She's tired of being in there too!

Baby is doing well, but she can't leave the special care nursery until she begins to be able to bottle feed. Right now she's just not getting the hang of it. We're hoping she picks it up soon!!

I've been very busy with Melina my own little routine going in the hospital...can't wait until we can bring her home to all be together. I miss all my kids and our animals too. I am just ready for all of us to be together again and to see what they think of their new baby sister. Hope she gets this feeding down soon so we can go home in a few days.



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