Friday, June 18, 2010

My little sweetheart is sick...

Melina started out yesterday with a bunch of sneezing and coughing. She woke up this morning and her cough was much worse. She's been coughing so hard and for so long, that she throws up whatever she manages to eat. I called the doctor and they weren't able to see her until 3 pm. I brought her in and explained everything and he told me to use saline drops in her nose before she eats and when we hear the congestion. He thought that may help a little bit. Otherwise, I was just given a list of things to watch her for and if she develops a fever of 100.1 or her respirations get too fast or she's struggling to breath he needs to know right away. We also have to watch her for dehydration. I'm just glad that for now she's ok. She hasn't been around anybody that has been sick that I am aware of, but the littles are always trying to help and they get their hands all over her pacifier and bottles and maybe one of them was carrying something and passed it on to her. Who knows. I just feel horrible for her.



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