Monday, August 06, 2007

Notice or No Notice?

Well, I gave my notice yesterday evening. My supervisor totally understood, but she was really sad about it. She went around giving breaks and someone asked her what was wrong and she told them that I had turned in my notice. He in turn came in and talked to me about things (this is the guy that I also go to church with and our families have come together somewhat). He kept telling me that he thought I needed to stay awhile longer and asked me my reasons for wanting to quit. I talked to him on and off for the rest of the night. He's frustrated that our company keeps losing the good people and he just wanted me to stay for awhile longer. I had a couple other people mention stuff to me throughout the rest of the night. My ops manager even said that he'd let me work Sundays only if I wanted to do that so that I could have Saturday to spend with my family. I left last night and came home and thought about things some more, talked with Andy, prayed about it and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and prayed about things some more, talked with Andy about what I was thinking, and I went up to Home Depot. I told them that I'd stay working there, but I may start taking a couple Saturdays off a month and I wanted to be able to close on Sundays so that I could go to church with my family. They were totally willing to accomodate me. So, I told them I'd see how things go for awhile and if it starts to be too much of an issue with the other stuff going on, then I'd turn in my final resignation. They were totally fine with that and happy that I agreed to stay. So, for now...I'm still an associate of the Depot.

Abba, please let things work out ok with my schedule at work so that I can still do the things that I need to do with my family and other things on the weekends too.



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