Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So many appointments...

So, yesterday Andy took a vacation day so we could go around and get all the appointments that we needed to get taken care of out of the way so that I could quit the depot. We had about 5 appts yesterday.

#1 I had my yearly appt with the ob-gyn. Talked to him about the problems with my cycle and the barely there periods and the 2-3 week thing where I'll bleed, pass a clot, bleeding stops for the day or two until I have another clot to pass. I cramp horribly during all of this sometimes. He said that I had 3 options since he felt that it was all due to my PCOS. I could choose to go back on the pill (not going to happen), go back on clomid (at $2k-$3k a cycle because insurance doesn't cover it not going to be an option), or do what I've been doing. Since it's not heavy bleeding I chose to do what I've been doing. He also said that my blood sugars, diet, and weight all are contributing factors and to continue to get back on my diet and see if the weight loss helps. To come back in a year or come back if I want to try fertility treatments again or if I manage to get pregnant on my own. I left feeling kinda mad, although I'm not sure why. The doctor's nice enough and he did congratulate us on becoming foster parents and hopes we get to adopt.

#2 Andy had to go to the dentist. He has to go back to get a cavity filled and to get a chipped tooth fixed and then he'll get his teeth cleaned. They just did x-rays and checked out his teeth at this appointment.

#3 I had to go to the eye doctor since I need to get my Texas driver's license and couldn't pass their vision test with my left eye. My right eye tested at 20/30 vision which passes. He did my left eye and he said I have a significant stigmatism and my vision in that eye is only testing at 20/50. I got contacts. Let the eye doctor put them in for me with no problems. Then, they made me take them out by myself and put them back in. I got a massive headache later on, took Deidra to cheerleading practice...came home and went to take them out. I dug in my left eye thinking the whole time that it was hurting, couldn't get the contact out so I went to my right eye. That one came out with no problem, went to dig in my left eye again when all of a sudden it dawned on must have fallen out. Made Andy check for me and he didn't see it either. I had to call and get another one today. Got them in today with no problems...but I keep moving them around to make sure that they're still in there. lol

#4 Andy went to the eye doctor too since it had been over a year. His eye glass perscription changed we're both going to get glasses too.

#5 I had to go get my brother from his therapy appointment. He stayed to help and run errands with us all day. He likes bee bopping around with me all day and we laugh and laugh. We're bad influences for one another really, but boy we have too much fun.

Of course, we had to go check on the progress of the house a couple of times too. I always go over once in the morning and we go after Andy gets home in the evening too. My brother laughs at me, but where he has therapy is not even 2 minutes from the new house and our current house is only about 5 minutes away.

I think I'm turning my 2 week notice in at work this weekend. :-)

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