Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Need my prayer warriors...

I'm spilling the beans now after talking to Baby J's CPS worker (she's also his mom's caseworker). They talked about how they're trying to get his mom's level of care lowered so that she can go back into a foster home and see J more or even be placed back with him in the same home. However, I guess she has also been talking about giving him up in an open adoption. I let her know that we would definitely be interested, but I don't want to take him from her's something she really needs to think about. I also suggested that I would be willing to transport J down to where she is if they can set up someone else to supervise the visit if it was something that we'd only have to do every 3-4 months. She said if she does agree to the open adoption (she was going to talk to her supervisor and see how about setting it up with his mom as a real opportunity for her). Please pray that we'll be able to adopt this beautiful baby boy. I truly want what is best for him, his mom, and everyone involved. But the thought of losing him, also breaks my heart. So, here I am...I've spilled the beans...please keep us in your prayers that we'll be able to adopt this beautiful baby boy.

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