Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Battle of the Bugs

Man...I don't know if it's the southern heat that makes these bugs grow...we've never had all these problems up north. Deidra got lice again and passed it on to me. This time I spent the $122 on the lice shampoo to get rid of the buggers. Then, we noticed that something was wrong with Venus as she was scratching so much she was making herself bleed and we could feel all the scabs when we'd pet her. At first we thought that it was just a fluke or one of the other cats got her when they were playing since they like to scratch each other in the head...then we noticed that she was getting them all over and she has been scratching quite a bit. We checked her skin quite a few times and couldn't see anything so we brought her to the vet today. Fleas...she's allergic to them...how did we get fleas when they're inside cats? He said that all it takes for them is to sit in the windowsill and the fleas can still get to them. He said it probably was just one and then it turned into a whole flea population. Anyway, she got a shot and we got some flea medicine for all the cats that we have to put on them once a month. We hadn't noticed an issue with any of the other cats, but when we were putting the medicine on...we did notice fleas on a couple of the others. And we're also battling ants...we wake up to zillions all over the counter...it doesn't matter how clean we try to keep stuff...they just keep coming back. So annoying...and I have to get ready for a home visit from J's CPS worker tomorrow, I'm washing all the blankets and sheets and I need to vacuum when J wakes up, I'm trying to get the house all cleaned up again for it's weekly scrubbing...I gotta go get my brother for his physical therapy appointment, and then Deidra has her first cheerleading practice tonight. No, I don't have anything to do lately...

Abba, please help us be able to get rid of all these bugs and please help me to stay focused today on the tasks at hand. I have so much to get done and I have a few errands that I have to run today too.

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