Monday, July 23, 2007


my week is quickly filling up fast. It looks like today may be my only free day. Jimmie has therapy twice a week and I tote him back and forth, we have a training at the agency, Baby J's CPS worker is coming out for a visit, Venus has to go to the vet (she's started scratching and scratching and is making cuts in her skin), I have to get my car in for an oil change, Baby J has his well-baby check up, and we are planning a day at the water park on Friday morning after I get my brother from therapy.

Next week is totally more of the same. I had a bunch of appointments to get taken care of as well so that I can quit the Depot. I had to get all of us into the dentist, Andy and I need to go to the eye doctor, and I'm overdue for my pap smear. I just for whatever reason am so terrified to go to the eye doctor to get my glasses or contacts...I haven't decided on what to get yet. But, I need them to get my Texas driver's license and my license expires in September on my birthday. Deidra also has her first cheerleading practice next week. I can't believe that just around the corner she'll be starting first grade either. Just a few weeks away and I plan on being out of the Depot by then.

Help us to sail smoothly through these appointments and that we can stay on task, Abba. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks.

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