Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby J's 15 month well baby visit...

Baby J had his 15-month check this morning. He's in the 80th percentile for weight and height. He weighed in at 27 lbs and 2 oz. He's 30 1/2 " long. She said his eczema looks a ton better. He goes back to the dermatologist for a follow-up on the 1st (the clinic dermatologist is booked through the year so I have to drive him an hour away to go to his appt with a new doc...same clinic just different office area). The only concern that she had was she can't tell if both of his testicles have descended and so we have to take him in for an ultrasound on the 3rd of August. So, we may be possibly looking at surgery. I'm hoping that's not the case though. Guess we'll find out next week. Otherwise he's doing well. I noticed when she gave me a list of his milestones though...that we have a lot to work on. His therapy should be starting soon that will help as well. He was also behind in immunizations so he got 4 shots today and they'll give him 3 more at his 18 month appointment. He took the first shot without even crying, when they gave him the 2nd one he cried and by the 3rd one he was really crying. Poor baby! We also discovered that he doesn't like band-aids. Those got torn off by him within a matter of a couple minutes. He just took them off and handed them to me. He's fussy and doesn't want to eat too much now, but he's doing good. We have a mandatory training to go to tonight at the I'm hoping he does ok for them when we're in the training.

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