Friday, May 29, 2009

Field Day and MDO Program

I dropped Deidra off at school and came home and got the littles ready for MDO. I dropped them off and ran home to answer an email that we needed to answer about our adoption for our homestudy. Then, I ran up to Deidra's school to see her in Field Day for a few minutes. I spent most of the time looking for her, so I was only able to spend about 5 minutes with her before I had to dash off to the littles program at MDO. I got some cute pics of Deidra with her classmates and she was wanting me to sign her out early to go to see the kids performance, but I told her that I didn't think that was a good idea as I wanted her to be able to finish her Field Day with her classmates. She hugged me good-bye and she was so excited that I went up there with her. I've been trying to go have lunch with her on Fridays when the kids are in MDO so she gets some special time with me. We're trying to do that with all the kids too. I felt my eyes welling with tears. I hugged her good-bye and told her I'd see her later.

Then, I ran around the corner to go to the littles MDO performance. They were all so cute and as I sat waiting for them to come in with their classes, I felt my eyes welling with tears again. I am so proud of all of them. Little E came in first dressed in her little green frog shirt. Then, Baby J came in wearing his orange pumpkin shirt. Little T came in shortly after wearing her white sheet shirt. They were doing a Color Song program and all the songs were color-themed. They were darling. However, I was a bit embarrassed that Baby J spent the whole time they were on stage rubbing all over another little boys shirt and the boy was trying to get away from him and Baby J kept grabbing his arms and hugging him and the mom was sitting in front of me and made the comment that Baby J is always doing stuff like that to him. I was horribly embarrassed. Little E had the look of a deer standing in headlights. I think all the people scared her. I waved to her and she started shaking her head no. Baby T was the one who got into doing all the moves and dancing and I was at the completely wrong angle to get all the cute pics of her and the auditorium was complely full. When they were done, Little E started crying and Baby J threw a complete fit in his room because he wanted his lunch and he needed his pill. I explained to him that we'd go home and get that stuff because they were getting out early today. On the way out to the car, he found the cookie table and went running for it. I was trying to tell him to wait and he was just grabbing for stuff and he almost knocked over the table. He threw a fit over not being able to have more than one and as I was trying to get them all out the front door, everybody was staring at me. I was horribly embarrassed and not one person even offered to open the door so here I am with all of them trying to finagle their bags, his temper tantrum and Little E was still crying because she was scared and Baby T just wanted to go home. We get out to the car and the people next to us were trying to get in their car and leave. Baby J was mad so he threw his cookie on the ground and I told him that was the end of that. Next thing I know is he's arching his back and trying to head butt me and he's screaming at the top of his lungs as the people sit and look at me. There wasn't anything I could do to move faster to get out of there so they could leave. So finally, he backed their truck up and she climbed in. He screamed all the way home and I got them inside so they could pick up their toys from this morning before the occupational therapist got here. Thankfully, this afternoon seems to be going better than this morning.

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