Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Abba, I don't understand...

Little E has always thought discipline was funny. We got her meds figured out and she had gotten a lot better with that. She hadn't seen her birthmom in a few days and she saw her on Thursday. She had a total attitude with me (Little E, not her mom)once she saw her mom. It changed once she realized that she really wasn't leaving with her mom and then she didn't even tell her mom good-bye when she got in our van. She wanted to be cuddled and loved on when we got home and she told me that she was happy that we all came to her sing-a-long at school. However, she's really had an attitude since then, she doesn't think she needs to listen, she is back to laughing when we discipline her, and the time outs are not doing anything to change her behavior. It's almost like the naughtier she is, the funnier she thinks it is. I just don't understand...it's been constant. I feel like I must be doing something wrong as she's not learning appropriate behavior...she just wnats to continually defy what we're telling her and when it's time for discipline she laughs. Granted, sometimes she cries when she realizes that she's getting something taken from her or something...but she really finds it quite funny. All the kids have been handfuls the past few days and I decided to start logging our days...all the praises, all the time outs, what we were trying to accomplish, good and bad things that they were doing...I wanted to see if I could see any patterns or if the behavioral therapists had any advice on stuff. I can't believe how much stuff happens in a day...it's making me realize why I am so drained at the end of the day. I love these kids with all of my heart...I just really wish they would understand that the good behavior gets them more in life than acting out constantly. I just don't understand why they act like this. Abba, please fill me with patience, love, kindness, and compassion...help me to keep going and for them to understand that I love them unconditionally. Please help them to have more obedient little hearts.



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