Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Deidra's been really struggling with reading lately and this year her teacher wanted to put her in tutoring once a week and so we went ahead and did that. She gets embarrassed at reading aloud and so I know she reads very slowly, but she's gotten to the point where she'd rather read to herself than read aloud to us and so I'm not truly aware of how well she's reading other than catching her in a rare moment of when she's wanting to read to the littles. She'd rather listen to us read to her, than read to us. Well, last week, the school sent home a letter wanting to test her further on her letters, sounds, and writing various letter combinations and so forth. We consented and I went up to get her early from school one day and her teacher came in to talk to me about my pregnancy and so forth. I had sent her an email earlier asking her if Deidra was struggling with reading further and if that was why they wanted her to do more testing. She never got my email and so I asked her about it there. It came out in the conversation that her teacher was suspecting that Deidra may have dyslexia. Her grades are good. She's gotten all As and Bs up until this last grading period, she brought home her first C. It floored me as I always thought dyslexia was writing your letters backwards and upside down. Granted, she does make some of her letters/numbers backwards at times, but I thought it was still normal at times for this age group. But I've never seen her do any of them upside down. More often, she flips some of her letters around in her words and we just tell her to slow down and focus better. The teacher said that she's doing it consistently enough to warrant further testing. It just blew me away...she started her testing yesterday and she's supposed to finish it up today. I hope the school tells me something soon. I've been worrying about it and I even talked to our occupational therapist about it yesterday and she told me "honey, don't worry about it, all the worrying in the world isn't going to change anything. Just take things as they come and it'll be ok." I really need to start practicing that one and quit worrying about all these little things. I just don't know much about it and how to help her if that's what she does have, but I guess I can talk to the school and the school will give us some guidance if this is what she does have. Deidra came home yesterday and asked us if we knew that George Washington had dyslexia. She thought it was kind of neat.

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Your description of Deidra is suggestive of visual dyslexia. If her problems seem to correlate with books that have smaller sized print that would be a stronger suggestion that it may be visual dyslexia.

Most children assume that what they see is normal but when asked if they see the page and words in a clear, stable ( as in unmoving ) and uniform manner they will often be able to to describe difficulties seeing the text that makes the reading difficult.

Visual dyslexics are a small minority of dyslexics.Only about 10% of dyslexics have visual problems that impair their reading. On the plus side while phonological and language processing problems associated with dyslexia usually require extended educational type interventions, visual dyslexics can normally receive immediate relief with See Right Dyslexia Glasses.

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