Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe we're in 2010. I fell asleep last night and woke up 20 minutes before it was time to ring in the New Year. Then, I went back to sleep and woke up shortly after that and couldn't fall back asleep. I tossed and turned on the couch last night because it was too hot upstairs in our room. Not feeling too great this morning...I have some sinus crap going on and my neck is hurting along with my ears. Deidra had her own NYE party with the girls down the street. Made me a bit sad, but I was happy that she's having so much fun.

I can't wait to see this year unfold. The girls adoption will probably be in Jan/Feb and then we welcome our new baby girl in May. Wow!

Hubby made me laugh this morning. He said he's kind of disappointed with society with it being 2010. I asked him why and he said he thought we'd be further in technology than we are and more futuristic. He wants his flying cars. ;-) I thought it was cute.

Didn't make any resolutions this year. Just want to work on my prayer life and praying more for my family and friends. Keeping my marriage and my children covered in prayer.

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