Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby T did so well in speech today...

I had asked earlier this week to see about getting some articulation added in Baby T's speech. She chops her words so badly that most people can not understand her and even me at times struggles with understanding what she's saying and I'm with her all day. I know she's kind of young to do this, but something has got to give. I'm really wondering if a lot of her temper tantrums aren't due to the fact that she feels misunderstood, although I know a lot of it is behavioral as well. Anyway, they said they would work on it and make it a part of her goals but that it may take her longer to catch up in speech. I said that was fine, something has got to happen.

She sat down with the therapist today and they were going to work on k and g sounds, but she thought maybe b and f would be easier so they started on those. She chops the ends of her words off as well and so they were working on that as well. The therapist spent I don't know how long trying to get her to say "bite." Towards the end of the session, she was trying to tell the therapist something and said "bite" perfectly and without any prompting at all. The therapist was jumping for joy and I was just smiling away in the kitchen. Mommy is so proud of her!

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