Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The ways children embarrass us...

I took the kids up to the gymnastics center for open gym today since where we were originally going to go today shut down (boo hoo!). One of the employees comes out with Josiah to tell me that some lady informed him that Josiah went into the ladies bathroom, crawled under the stall (that the lady was in no less), and wound up in the stall with her. I put him in time out for awhile and sat there looking around wondering which woman he did that too and what that woman must think of me. I was horribly embarrassed. Granted, he is only 3, but I wish he would start getting some of the stuff that I am trying to teach him. Anyway, that's my funny story/embarrassing story of the day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My eldest said to a little girl wearing gym shoes and a dress: "My mommy says, 'You look frumpy.' We don't wear gym shoes with a dress."



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