Monday, November 23, 2009

A bonfire...

We had our van in the shop this week, something wasn't right when we got it back and I went and took it back in. That day, I was very crabby and when I walked in Mom's dealership one of the service techs immediately copped an attitude with me that nearly brought me to tears. I managed to hold it together, bit my tongue, he finally agreed to go test drive it, and I went and found my Mom. Told her what happened and she sat and talked with me a bit. The tech came back to find me and said he found the problem and he fixed it. Mom said with the way that he came walking back there, I must have given him a certain look as that wasn't really like him. I told her that I was just tired of everything coming out of my mouth being met with a battle. She told me I was being tested. She said that she knew it had to be hormones because she rarely has seen me like that (the way I was that day). The kids were all acting up and I was trying my best to deal with everything. She complimented me later that day and thought I handled everything very well considering the way that I was feeling. Anyway, she wants me to talk to the doctor about how tired I've been and the way that the nausea has been. I told her that I doubt they're going to be able to do anything, it's just pregnancy. Hopefully, I should start feeling better soon. Anyway, I asked her for her ghoulash recipe as I've really been wanting that lately. She wound up inviting us over after church on Sunday and she had made me a huge pot of ghoulash, chicken nuggets, and some garlic bread. It was so good! We stayed and the kids played with some stuff she had gotten for them and I think they are getting a bit more used to being at Grandma's as they weren't SO into everything like they were before. We built a bonfire in the back to get rid of Mom's woodpile and Andy and I burned the past 7 years of receipts. What memories we found! We wound up roasting hot dogs and making smores. Around 7, the nausea hit me, but I still had a really good time. It was nice to spend that time with Mom and her and Andy even watched the kids for about an hour so I could take a nap. That was nice! Got to spend some time with my brother, Jimmie, so that was nice too. I think we're going to go to the movies together while he's on break one night after Andy gets home. My Mom wants to go see the Christmas Carol too. Guess we'll see what this week brings. There's some things that I really would like to do if I'm feeling ok.

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