Wednesday, April 07, 2010

These children of mine...

I love how I can’t even answer the door without all the kids trying to get out the door or interrupt the conversation. Tru-Green came to the door and asked if we had ever considered lawn service and he said that looking at our front yard he thought it needed aeration. We had talked about doing that, but that's as far as it got. My little ones just would not quit trying to get out the front door and yelling out stuff to try to get attention on them. It didn't matter what I said or did they just kept it up. The guy finally got tired of being interrupted and left. I’m just embarrassed at how they act. Josiah kept saying “I just want to say hi and trying to push his way around me.” Emma kept crawling thorugh my legs to stick her head out the front door and make screech noises. And Deidra even had to go stand on the front porch. Tracie tried to get around me once, but quit once I redirected her back inside. I just don’t understand why in the heck they have to think everyone is here for them ALL of the time. Deidra normally doesn't act like that either, but I think she finally figured that if they were going to continue to do it, she ought to see what all of the fuss was about and get outside too...

And when I tried talking to them about how they don't need to be interrupting adult conversations and that some things don't always involve them, Josiah got mad and tried to flip the rocking chair over and then picked up Deidra's boots and flung them across the room. He got sent to his room. Nevermind that before the guy came to the door, I had just been cuddling and rocking them one-by-one and was just finishing up with the last it's not like they are being starved for attention.

Actually talking to Andy about it, he brought up a good point. It's all the months/years of conditioning that they get from being in foster care with all the caseworkers and therapists coming over to see them and dote on them. That makes sense, but it's time they start learning that not everything is all about them.

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