Sunday, June 20, 2010

I love to watch Melina grow...

She came home from the hospital without any eyelashes. They've been starting to grow in this month. I've loved to watch them come in and now she has some long eyelashes. I love to watch her and take her in. She is such a sweet little baby. I love to hear her little noises. She coos a teeny tiny bit, but more often than not she just thinks about talking to us and you see this look of determination come across her face and then she lets out a big coo/sigh and then she goes back to taking in what you're saying to her. So funny! I think the most favorite sound that she makes though is something she's done ever since she was born. She makes this little nah-uh sound that we've always laughed about. We laugh and say she's practicing saying "no" already. So, we ask her questions and she answers us with her little "nah-uh." And we giggle. I just think it's adorable. She is trying so hard to focus too and that makes her go cross-eyed sometimes. It always makes me laugh. She still gets the hiccups most of the time after she eats too. And she still continues to love to be held and talked to and she doesn't like to stay still for long. If the car comes to a stop and she's awake, she'll start to cry. If the grocery cart comes to a stop for long, she's going to cry. Something tells me that she's going to be a mover once she learns to get mobile and she's already starting to scoot herself during tummy time. She gets herself all turned around on that tummy. She's really holding her head up really well too. My strong little sweetheart!



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