Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Dinner

baked tilapia with lemon and herbs, creamy basil mashed potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms

blondie turtle brownies

Since my Dad was only here for the weekend, I decided to make dinner and give them their gifts today so that we could celebrate with my Dad too. Dinner was a hit with everyone and even Melina couldn't get enough dinner. She loved the fish and the potatoes and would immediate want more. So funny!

My Grandma used to make german chocolate brownies and used a german chocolate cake mix. I found a vanilla cake mix on sale and decided to try a different cake mix in the recipe. You don't actually make the cake batter, but the cake mix goes into the brownie batter. Still turned out quite yummy! Even Andy ate dessert! I had to take a picture as he is NOT usually a sweet eater!

Here are Andy and my Dad with their t-shirts that we got them for Father's Day!

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