Friday, July 15, 2011

Devotions with the littles today..

We talked today about how God is alwyas going to help us through our problems. He doesn't promise that we will never have any, but he promises to help us through all of them. Emily asked me today if when they got older if that meant that they would get kicked out of the family. I immediately took her hands and hugged her and told her that although we all grow and age more and we may live in different places, our family starts with God and it's like the threads of their clothes..there's a line of thread that goes from God to Mommy and Daddy and then goes through all of our children and it binds us together. I told her that just as I don't live with my parents anymore, we still visit each other and we talk on the phone and so forth and I know that I can always call them if I have a problem and they are there for me. I told her that we would never kick her out of the family...she's always going to be one of us and we will always be there for her. She had a little incident the other day where she got mad at Josiah in the car. He was goofing around and wouldn't listen to me and there was a police officer in a car behind me that she saw. All of a sudden she shrieked "Josiah you better behave or we're going to get taken away." She was absolutely terrified. I immediately told her that if I did get pulled over, I would have gotten a ticket more than likely because of what he was doing (fooling with his seatbelt), that it wasn't something that they would get taken away for. I talked to her today about her birthmom and how she loved her in her own way, but for reasons that she doesn't understand right now that she was unable to take care of her the way that she deserves to be taken care of, but that she does love her enough to let her be part of a family (us) who can take care of her and will always love her. We talked about adoption again and I hugged each one of them and told them that I love being their Mommy and although they grew in someone else's tummies, that I would always be there for them and they would never have to worry about not being part of our family. That stemmed another conversation as Tracie and Josiah kept saying "well, we came out of your tummy." I know Josiah doesn't remember his birthmom, but we talked about her for a minute and I told him her name. He has no memory of her. Tracie acted surprised that she didn't come out of my tummy, but we talked about her birthmom and she was surprised that was whose tummy she came out of. She asked me then "what about Melina?" I told her "you were here when Mommy had Melina, where did Melina come from?" She then pointed to my stomach. All the littles say that they want to be babies again and have me feed them out of bottles. I have done that with Emma before and she responded positively to it. It was something that she asked to do and I figured that maybe she just needed to do that. I don't know...I may do that at some point during our attachment activities, but I'll save that for another post. I'm just glad that I'm able to talk with my children. Some of these talks aren't always easy...they're not difficult...they're just awkward sometimes...I don't want to give them more information than they're ready for. I just try to answer what they're asking and leave it at that. Thank you God, for my precious children...the ones that grew in my tummy and the ones that grew in my heart. I love them and want what is best for them. I pray too that you will help them to heal and not be afraid anymore of being taken away from anyone. And I pray in thanksgiving too to their birthmoms for giving them life and ask for your blessings over them too.

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