Sunday, July 10, 2011

My business vision...

We have been selling on ebay for almost as long as we've been married. We'll be married for 13 years this year. We both enjoy it a lot. However, we really enjoy the thrift store hunts of finding things to resell as well as our garage sale finds. We got watching Storage Wars and American Pickers as well and our imaginations are going crazy. We were having our first garage sale ever last year and the wheels started to turn in my head. I'd love to have a resale store. Andy and I talked a little bit and could see ourselves doing that. The only thing is that we don't want to incur's all cash to pay for everything. My father-in-law built me clothing racks when he was down as we wanted to try to have garage sales more often. We just had a spur of the moment garage sale on the 4th of July as we wanted to try to get rid of some stuff to make room for my Mother-in-Law's stuff when she moves here in the next little bit. We had those clothing racks FULL of clothes and that was only about half the clothes that we had to sell. My Grandma used to love to buy stuff and wash it up and clean it and resell it. They would pair together with her sisters and have HUGE garage sales 3-4 times a year. When I'm out sometimes, I talk to her and doing this makes me feel closer to her too. But, my wheels are turning a little more as we talk about starting our next little branch of our business. I'd love to have a place that my whole family could work and have my kids close to me as we go about our work. We were watching The Cupcake Girls last night (never watched the show before last night) and I love that their whole family works together. I have a vision...I'm not ready to share it all quite yet...but I ran it by Andy today and he's on board with my idea. So, we'll get ready to grow out our next branch and see where this takes us. I'm excited. We're talking about starting it in August. God, use me and my family to fill Your Holy Will please. You know my heart and I am a giver. I have this vision and I want to do Your Work. Please use me and my family and help us to fulfill this dream together.

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