Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy day...

We had church this morning, which I spent out in the vestibule with Melina and 5 other Moms with their babies. We are slowly starting to get to know each other as the babies are all aroudn the same age and don't sit for long. They gotta move aroudn you know. On the way home, we stopped to get our newspapers so that we could get our coupons and then we stopped at McDonald's to get breakfast. After we ate, Andy and I talked about somethign that I have been thinking about for awhile. I have a vision that I see in my head for a business...but that's a whole other post. Anyway, we put Melina down for her morning nap and left the littles downstairs to play. Andy and Deidra went up to her room to clean her carpets and get her room picked up so that her room is ready for her to bunk with Grandma Hoffman in a few days and then I worked on switching out the littles closets since they switched rooms a few months ago (yes, that's right...I said a few). So, now their clothes are in the proper rooms. Now, I'm working on getting our laundry done and I think I'm going to wash our bedding today too if I have time. I also need to clean the upstairs bathrooms and vacuum the floors up there. Then, we have to plan our meals for the week and look for coupons so that we can go get the groceries for the week.

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