Saturday, July 09, 2011

Split Games

The kids had their games at the same time today and so Andy brought the little to their t-ball game and Mommy and Melina took Deidra to her volleyball game. Deidra's team won their game. Her coach was really glad to see her since she missed the last game due to her strep throat. She was greated with a "Yeah, you made it!" and a big hug from her coach and high fives from her teammates. Only about 6 of the 9 made it to the game! They won both games that they played. Now, Thursday night she'll start the tournament. If they win Thursday, they play Friday. If they win Friday, they play Saturday. We're supposed to leave for Phoenix on Saturday morning, so this may delay things, but we're trying to see if she can play with her team on Saturday. A lot will depend on game time as we already reserved our room in Las Cruces, NM for Saturday night. We tried to go see the end of the littles t-ball game, but they were walking to the car when we met them by the field. They lost their game, but they were good sports and all tried very hard.

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