Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Melina has strep now...

Melina started being fussy at night a few nights ago, but she wasn't acting that way during the day, so we just thought that maybe she was having night terrors as she didn't have any other symptoms. Last night, she was up every few minutes crying and she had a bit of a runny nose. I'm thinking that she's teething as she has a runny nose, a diaper rash, and she's had some diarrhea on and off. Throughout the day, she's been fussy as well. I was trying to get some stuff done before I started dinner and she wouldn't let me do anything without crying and reaching for me. She had another poopy diaper and her diaper rash was really red and so I got her changed and more Desitin on. Was going to put dinner in the oven really quick and she just started screaming. Gave her some tylenol, some teething stuff, held her for a little bit and she cried and cried for almost a half an hour before she really started screaming. I figured I better bring her in. I called and they asked how quick I could get there. Andy was almost home so they gave me an appt 20 minutes later. Good thing we don't live far. She said that her ears looked fine, her glands in the neck were a little swollen. She said she was going to swab her throat, but she didn't think it looked really red or anything, but since sister had strep she wanted to be on the safe side. She looked at the diaper rash and agreed that it looked pretty bad and red and thought maybe that's why she was so fussy. She said she was going to call in a script that would have to be compounded and gave me two pharmacies that do that...ours was already closed so she let me know where the other one was and then she said that her strep test came back positive. I had her call that one in to our regular pharmacy and I headed to get the diaper rash script. Got there and found out that their lab has to make it, that's not something they can just do in a few minutes and that it would take 24-48 hours. I left praying that they can get it done sooner rather than later. I don't like to see my baby girl hurting. Lord, please give us a healthy streak. It seems like we are sick with something all of the time.

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