Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We went to Phoenix last month and moved my Mother-in-Law to Texas. She's going to live with us for awhile. She's been here for 3 weeks now. She's been a big help with the kids and it has been good to have her here. Getting to know one another a bit more and things are going well. It's an adjustment, but it's been a good one thus far.

Last week, Andy's Dad also moved to Texas. He's renting an apartment about a mile up the road from us. We got him all moved in and he's been busy unpacking. We are so blessed to have them here with us.

This is the last week of Summer Break...the kids go to meet their teachers on Thursday, so we need to finish up school supply shopping and we need to go clothes shopping too. We've had a busy summer filled with going places, watching movies, making treats, playing in the water, doing crafts, and spending time with one another. I took Deidra to see the Smurf movie a week ago. So cute and it was good! We left Melina home with Grandma this weekend and took the others to Six Flags for the day. Josiah and Emily were very brave riding the roller coasters. Tracie tried them out, but they scared her a bit. They all did great though and we enjoyed the day together. It rained a bit that day too so it wasn't quite as hot as it had been. Texas had 40 days of 100+ heat this summer right in a row. Wow!

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