Friday, July 13, 2007

Prayers for my brother, Zach

He's been coming home a lot the past few weekends. He's the one that moved to Austin around Easter and still hasn't found a job. He's gotta start paying rent again in another couple of months and Mom sat down and had a very serious talk with him about how he needs to get his act together because she's not going to let him move back home. He's 19, doesn't like his family and doesn't talk to us unless he needs something, and he doesn't like following her rules. She said that she can't keep bailing him out everytime he needs something. He said that nobody will give him a job because he doesn't have his GED (that's all something we've been trying to get through his head for 2 years). He's mad at my Mom for not just letting him move back home and said that he guesses he'll just die then if he can't find work. She's tired of his threats of committing suicide everytime she puts her foot down with him. The doctors don't see him as suicidal and have offered him counseling many times (he always refuses). Anyway, he's back in town this weekend to register to take the GED test and hopefully he'll get to take it tomorrow. I told Mom to pay the school directly and not give him the money (he's proven so many times that he'll just use the money for other stuff). Please pray that he's able to pass the test and that he's able to start getting his act together now. He lives in a huge college town...there should be many opportunities for him there. I asked him why he doesn't just move in with his friends that live down there and he said his friends won't let him because they say that he'll only mooch off of them. I told him that should make him see that he needs to make some changes. It's time to join the real world and the land of responsibilities. He said he knows, but that's also something he's been saying for awhile. Mom told him she'd help him with the money to take the test, but this is the last time she's giving him money for awhile. I pray that she can stick to that...she's good at making empty threats with him and I told her that's a lot of the reason I think that he acts like he does. She said she knows and she just needs support to stick with it when he uses the suicide thing on her or she sees him hurting because of his choices.

Abba, I lift Zach up to you and I pray that You will be with him while he is taking his test this weekend and that he will pass the test so that he can get this behind him. I pray that you will help him start to make some good choices and be more responsible and accountable. Please help him to find a good job and to start living a better life and to be able to appreciate his family. I also pray for Mom and that you guide her with decisions that she makes about Zach and some other things going on right now. She's certainly got quite a bit going on.

Oh and a quick update since I never posted it here...she did go and talk to her doctor about the memory lapse a couple days after it happened....he checked her for signs of stroke and couldn't find anything wrong. She was under a lot of stress about many different things that were happening and the doctor said that was more than likely the culprit. She's been fine since.



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