Thursday, August 16, 2007

Any tips?

Did anyone have a screecher when they were babies? J will start screeching when he's happy this totally high pitched squeel that hurts your ears. I've tried telling him no and whispering to him, I've tried to redirect him by asking him to say certain words. That works sometimes, but jsut for a little while and then he'll go back to the high pitched squeel. It's hard when we're out in public sometimes too and he'll do it. It's embarrassing when he does it in church and it's totally silent when he does it. I'm hoping once he learns more words, he'll outgrow it. It's hard though when he does it too when I'm on the phone with someone...they'll have to hang up with me as he's hurting their ears too. I just wondered if anyone tried anything that I hadn't already thought of.



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