Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little J

Just wanted to give a little update on Little J too. They put her on a new medication a couple weeks back. It makes her pretty groggy, but she's been a completely different child. She talks about what she's feeling rather than being so agressive and she's been very sweet and affectionate. She still has her moments of jealousy sometimes, but nothing like what we were going through before. Her and Deidra have been getting along a whole lot better too. I told the caseworker, man if we could keep her on these meds and she did go up for adoption at some point I would adopt this little girl. She made me something at school to remember her by one day and she came up to me with tears in her eyes to give it to me. We both broke down and just hugged each other. I sat there with her on my lap for a long time just crying with her crying on my lap. She's so torn between wanting to go home and wanting to stay here. She's so scared that she won't ever get to see us again or talk to us. She thanked me for taking good care of her along with a slew of other things. I think I'm going to write her a good-bye letter for the end of her scrapbook and put my cell phone number in there with an e-mail address (I'm going to get a separate one to give to my foster children) and hopefully I'll get to see how she's doing from time to time. She's been real emotional lately since they found out that in just a few weeks they were going home. It's hard on everyone involved really.



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