Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My hubby...

He brought his 2nd batch of beer (an apricot ale) in to work to unveil tonight to his co-workers. They decided to do their yearly fun night (well part of it) and they're ordering food in as well. He was excited and I was excited for him. It's nice to see him doing something that he enjoys.

I wrote him a little note saying good luck and that I was missing him. We sat on the couch last night watching The Flinstones movie with Deidra and then we put her to bed. I remember feeling so exhausted and it was only a little after 9pm. I remember sitting down next to him and then waking up to find that he had already gone to bed. He said that he tried to wake me up, and that I told him that I was coming. I guess I must have fallen back asleep. He had to get up at 3 this morning so that he could go in and do some moves that nobody had told him about until the last minute. He's horribly swamped at work lately. He's working from home on Thursday though so that I can get my van back in the shop. Then, next Tuesday he's working from home again since I have 3 doctor's appts scheduled that day and then we have our Foster Parent appreciation banquet that night as well. I miss my hubby though...I'm looking forward to spend some time with him tonight (no, not in THAT way).

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Blogger Sarah said...

How did they enjoy this beer??

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