Friday, June 05, 2009

Baby J's adoption...

Our homestudy was officially submitted to CPS on Monday. His CPS adoption worker called me last night to set up some dates. We're waiting for some paperwork to come back, but she said we could schedule his adoption presentation (they talk about us as a family to CPS, and we have the opportunity to ask any questions that we have on his adoption file that we got a couple weeks ago to read, we sign papers on our intent to adopt and he officially becomes an adoptive placement instead of a foster child, and we sign our subsidy papers) and so we go on the 22nd of June to go to that. She then told me that our adoption date was either June 29 or the 30th, she needs to wait to hear which date was better for the court and then she'll get back to us. So, Baby J will officially be ours by the end of this month. Just wanted to share our news! I told Deidra last night and she is a very thrilled big sister! She's been asking for a long time now if we were ever really going to be able to adopt him. On June 1, he has been with us for 2 years. Our very first foster placement and now he will officially be a Hoffman very soon. :-)

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Blogger Joy said...

That is such great news!!!! I am very happy for you guys!

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