Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Really trying my patience today...

My gosh, I am trying to hang in there today. I really am....trying to find the humor in things to get me through. It's hard when I have all of them going.

Andy's car is in the shop...since yesterday morning. He was going to get his rear brakes done. They called yesterday and said he needed front ones too. He said he'd come pick his car up in the morning. We went up to get it this morning to find it still up on the lift...they're still waiting for parts. I tell him if he needs me to bring him into work, I will. He's grumpy because he's got stuff that needs to be done right then and so he says he'll go home and make all his phone calls that he has for stuff pending. Around 10, he tells me that he's got to go into work...nevermind anything about the fact that I had Little E to get to school and therapy for Baby T. We get out the door and I bring him to work, I cancel Baby T's appt, and I barely manage to get Little E to school on time. The car shop calls saying that his car is ready. UGH! Guess we'll be bringing him up to get it in the morning.

I get a call from Little E's teacher saying that she won't quit making loud sounds, she won't go to time out without her teacher having to physically putting her in there and then she is refusing to stay in time out, and she's ripping stuff off the walls. She had no idea where her defiance was coming from...she just had a visit on Sunday and has been a handful since then...I explain to teacher...she says that makes sense as this happened at the last visit as well. She isn't going to let her go to library today and she'll have to wait in the office. I say that's fine.

Baby T has been screaming and whining all day and refused to eat her lunch, whined and screamed all during nap time that she didn't want to be in her room, she wanted Mommy, she didn't like Mommy, all sorts of stuff. Nothing I do today seems to make her happy. Of course, she fell asleep in front of her door 5 minutes before we had to go get the girls from school and when I woke her up she was even more full of cheerfulness (note sarcasm). She cried and screamed all the way to get Deidra.

Josiah dumped his lunch all over his head, so after he got cleaned up and had to clean up his mess he got put in his room. Stupid me assumed that he fell asleep...nope, he had gotten into Deidra's room, stuck a DS game in backwards that I cannot get out, snuck into our room, tore the blanket off of Andy's harpsichord, and dumped his teddy bear that he just got for Valentine's Day into our toilet. He got a spanking and put back in his room and after another screaming fit about having to stay in his room, he finally fell asleep.

I get Deidra from school and all I heard was scream, whine, cry for an hour from her. She later apologized and settled down.

Get the kids their dinner and Baby T refuses to eat yet again...I told her she wasn't getting down until her dinner was gone...she's been sitting there for an hour and a half. UGH

I call Andy to find out when he wants us to come get him from work and he says that he should be done around 6:30. I was really hoping to have the kids in bed by 7 and Deidra at 7:30. He asked what was going on and I told him how the kids have been behaving and that we really need to put a lock on Deidra's door...he thinks it's stupid...well fine, I guess we'll just continue to let her stuff get wrecked all because Josiah cannot or will not stay out of her room. I am SO tired of him getting into the bathrooms and her room or our room when he knows darn well that he's not supposed to be anywhere but his room up there.

I am trying to hang in there and practice patience. I really really am.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screaming for you!! This stinks, really stinks. It really has been one thing and another thing, and another thing. Just think. Once bedtime hits, it will all stop, at least for a couple of hours. Love you!! -stalker

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