Monday, June 13, 2011

The Devil is playing with me today...

but I will stand firm with the Lord and dig my heels in. Tried to take my van in this morning, Andy was going to stay home from work to help as my Dad needs to go to the doctor too. They can't get the parts until this afternoon so we can't bring it in until tomorrow. Andy went into work. My Dad was going to follow Andy up to the dealership, but my Mom didn't want my Dad up there and my Dad wouldn't accept what I was trying to say until I finally had to tell him that "I'd follow Andy up there as Mom didn't want him up there." That hurt him and he was supposed to give my Mom her weekly check for my brother's college and now he's debating about paying it. Kinda feel like it puts me in the middle since I handle his finances. The kids are all rowdy and whiny today, Melina keeps trying to nap and the whining and crying wakes her up. They're saying they're bored left and right and I'm trying to keep them busy, but I'm trying to clean the downstairs today as well. And of course, they're constantly hungry and thirsty so I gotta keep interrupting what I'm doing to get them a drink or a snack too. Having my Dad here too, with their attachment issues, they act like magnets and they're constantly jumping all over him or he moves and they gotta ask "where you going? what are you doing?" Or they're constantly touching him or right up on him. I try to enforce the boundary rules to give him space, then he's on me for that "they're alright, they're just being kids." I quit and 2 minutes later he's yelling at them to give him some room. Yesterday, Emma grabbed a hold of one of his toes and bent it back the wrong way really hard and he yelled out in pain. All I could say was "you wonder why I'm constantly trying to enforce the boundaries...I do have reasons for the things I say and do to them." He says his toe still hurts today. :-( He says "they're like magnets, they just glue themselves to me." That's a problem with attachment issues, but I'm not even going to try and explain all that to my Dad as it will just include more headache for me. But, I sure do feel the devil trying to play with me today. I am going to stand firm with the Lord though and have a positive attitude and just try to get through all of this.

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