Monday, June 06, 2011

Melina and the bladder infection

I got a call from the nurse saying that Melina's urine culture came back positive. They wanted to start her on a 2nd antibiotic. If she developed any new symptoms they wanted to see her, if she wasn't doing better in 48 hours they want to see her, and she needs to finish all of her antibiotics and then come back in for another urine sample and they're also going to schedule her for a renal ultrasound and VCUG to make sure that her kidneys are working as they should. I told Andy that I knew that they thought that I wasn't giving it enough time when I brought her back in on Friday morning when she was unconsolable and I knew the ER thought I was even worse when I had her in there Friday afternoon, but that Mommy intuition told me that she was hurting with that pain scream that she has. Now, at least I know that I was right. They worried me a bit with all of this though. I just want her to feel better and be back to my happy little sweetheart. Now to break her of the habit that she's had since Friday of tapping me in the face. In the ER, she was screaming in pain and the nurse says "you need to give her a bottle or figure out something to make her quiet down" and she left the room and Melina swatted me one in the face. I told her that we don't do that and held her arm down for a minute, but I can't help but feel like she was saying "I'm hurting here, nobody's helping me." She's done it a few more times in the middle of her pain screams as I hold her and try to console her. Anyway, hope the medicine makes her feel better soon. The pharmacy didn't have it in stock and wanted me to wait until tomorrow afternoon, but with her being so uncomfortable and not knowing exactly how long she's had this, I wasn't comfortable with waiting anymore. So, they called to find out who had some and transferred the perscription. I ran and got her some yogurt too as the last thing she needs to wind up with is a yeast infection on top of feeling yucky. Abba, please help my baby girl to feel better.

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