Friday, June 03, 2011

What a day!

Got up and got Emma off to the bus for school. Josiah got up and started his games and Tracie woke up and started whining about something I told her that she couldn't do. Tried to feed Melina a little something...she was diagnosed with pneumonia last night. Poor little girl has been so fussy this week. I chalked it up to teething earlier, but when she spiked a 103 degree fever Tuesday night, I took her in on Wednesday morning. We checked her urine, ears, throat...everything was fine. He told me to let him know if she got any worse and if she was still running a fever by Friday we'd need to do bloodwork. Yesterday she spiked a 104 degree fever, was really fussy and her cry was different. Called to let them know and he sent us to outpatient for a chest x-ray and bloodwork. Came home and he called us to let us know that the radiologist said she has pneumonia. She slept through the night and got up happy, went to feed her and give her some milk and she started screaming. Everything I tried to do didn't console her. Pain meds, singing to her, letting her down to play, holding her, rocking her, nothing. After 45 minutes, I called my girlfriend who is a nurse and asked her if that was normal for pneumonia even though she hasn't been like this all week and she heard her screaming and said "no, that sounds to me like she's in pain. I'd bring her back in." I called the pediatrician's office at 7:30 with a screaming Melina in my arms. The girl that answers the phones told me, bring her in when we open and I'll get her worked in. She knew I had been having some troubles over the last couple of days. Brought her in still screaming, the doctor thought maybe she had developed an ear infection with how she was acting. She's never screamed like that at all when she's had an ear infection, but he checked her over and said that everything was clear. He got her a shot of stronger antibiotics and told me that he'd done everything that he could for her from his end, if she continued to scream like that by this afternoon, he wanted me to bring her in to the ER. I brought her home and she had a little nap, woke up and played a little bit. I gave her a couple bites of a doughnut that I was eating and the screaming started again. She went on several minutes and nothing I was doing was helping and finally I just decided that I was going to bring her in. They acted like I was stupid for bringing her in...maybe she's just hungry (like I don't know to feed my baby). I told them that I just offered her her milk and she didn't want it. The nurse says well let's try some juice, we have to do something to quiet her down. Really? That's why I brought her in. She gives me a juice container. There's no sink in my room...I couldn't pour her milk out to give her the did she think I was going to give my baby the juice. Yet, I'm the dumb baby certainly must be hungry to be screaming the way that she's screaming. Anyway, she fell asleep in my arms and the NP asks what's been going on that brings us in and I review everything and she asks when she's gotten the shots in her legs and I say that's from the antibiotic the dr. gave her this morning. She asks what it was and I say I can't remember, but it starts with an R. Name a couple and I'll pick it out for you. She says "he gave your baby something and didn't tell you what it was, but you know it starts with an R?" I told her that he had said it to the nurse and I knew it started with an R. She acted like she didn't trust me and needed to call my ped. Turns out it was Rocephin. My nurse friend says "you must have had a really stupid NP, Jess, because the only antibiotic that he would have given that started with an R for pneumonia is Rocephin." Whatever. After all that, they just redid her chest x-rays from yesterday. Offered her some crackers which she ate 1 1/2 crackers and dumped the rest on the floor and so I threw them away. The NP said "yeah, she calmed down after you gave her something to drink and gave her some crackers." Well, she fell asleep, but she didn't eat much...but yeah, I forgot you're still on the kick that my baby is fine and I didn't know that she was just hungry. Anyway, we came home not knowing anything else. My nurse friend ssaid "they must not have children, because a mom knows that scream means that it's pain related." Then again, this is also the NP that asked me during Tracie's lego incident if I knew how to use the hat that goes in the toilet. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Oh well...

In the middle of all that, Josiah has been acting up left and right. I had to call my brother over to help me with the other kids so I could focus on Melina. Tracie has been throwing huge screaming fits lately (she's always very whiny, but this is even over the top for her and she's made herself hoarse since yesterday because of all the screaming and crying that she's been doing). She cut her hair while using the scissors today, so I had to clean that up. I'll even out her hair this weekend when I have some more time. Jimmie brought Josiah to school. I took Melina to the ER. Jimmie was supposed to be watching Deidra and Tracie for me. I walked in the door at 2:40 from the hospital and the first thing out of Tracie's mouth is "nobody got me any lunch." Really? So, I had to go get her something to eat. I look at the table and there's two Banquet meals on the table that are empty and I ask "you guys got yourself something to eat and didn't get Tracie anything?" My brother says "she never told me she was hungry or wanted somethign to eat. Umm, she's 4 1/2. She shouldn't have to ask for meals. UGH!! And my house is a complete disaster. I had to run and get Josiah from school as Jimmie left right beforehand saying "I'll take a meal next week for helping out." Nevermind, my house is a complete disaster and you didn't even feed one of my kids. The kids were pleading to go outside. No sooner do they get out there and I start trying to clean up, it's "It's too hot, I need to go potty, I'm hungry." Why bother to ask, no plead, to go outside if you're going to think of every excuse to get back inside? Yes, it's hot. It's almost summer. So, I make them come inside and all I hear is whining because they want to go outside again. Tracie throwing a huge fit because her leg is itchy. I really think she's overtired because nobody made her go up and take a nap, so it's 4 pm and I sent her up to her room. I can't let her sleep long though or she won't sleep tonight. I need to make dinner, but I need some groceries to do so and I'm not dragging all the kids back out in the heat. So, pizza it is tonight from the delivery boy. I'm meeting a girlfriend tonight for dessert. This Momma needs a break! Now to try to get this house back into shape..I'm so stressed out!! I've been on overdrive all week. I just want Melina to feel better. :-(

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