Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I was so glad to have 3 days with Andy. We spent a quiet Friday night at home, Deidra spent the night with a friend, we tucked the littles into bed early, and curled up on the couch together and talked and watched a little tv. Saturday, we went to the Y first thing in the morning and then went to some thrift stores and then came home to rest for a bit before Deidra's volleyball game, Tracie had a little incident that I had to run her up to the ER for, but that's a whole other post by itself. We were still able to go to Deidra's volleygame as a family and that made me happy. They lost, but she did great...she got some great saves in and some great serves too. The littles were less than cooperative and so we couldn't watch as best as we wanted to with having to take them out and Melina was fussy with teething and just wanted down to walk and so Andy was out watching from the hallway walking her up and down the hall. Sunday, we weren't able to go to Church as I needed to monitor Tracie, Melina was still on the fussy side too. So, we stayed home and watched Mass on EWTN. Mom called to find out what we were doing and I was battling with Josiah. She came over and helped me with the kids while Andy was at the store and invited us over for hot dogs on the grill and to spend the day at her house as she was going to paint her doors. Well, her doors never got painted with all my kids around, but we had a good time eating hot dogs, potato salad and chips and just being together. Andy napped while Mom and I took the kids outside and let them run through the hose water to cool off. It was fun, but we wore her out. Monday, I got up and made Old Glory trifle to bring to Beth's house for a family picnic at her house. We went over there and it was a full house with 5 adults and 10 children, but it was a good time. Andy's nose had been bugging him all morning, so he wasn't feeling the greatest. I felt bad. :-( He can't take allergy medicine or it just knocks him out (whether's it's non-drowsy or not). But, the food was great and it was fun. The kids had fun splashing in the pool too. They were sad that it was time to come home. We came home and got a few things done, but mostly just rested. I thought a lot about my Grandma and my Mom and wished I could ahve gone to put flowers on their grave, but my Uncle wound up letting me know later that night that he had gone and visited her and put some silk flowers down for her. He told me that graves were really for loved ones left behind, but I guess I'm just sentimental about it. I went and visited their graves when we were back in MI last and put flowers on their graves and I wish I could do that more often. Next time we go back home to visit... Mom called me from work and asked if she could bring some old pictures that she found by to go through with me. They were of me on my first date...the rules in my house was that I couldn't date until I was 16 and only after I went out with my Dad first so that he could show me how boys were to treat girls properly. He took me out to eat (for the life of me I can't remember where we went), but then we went to the Grand Rapids Symphony. Some sweet memories in the photos...there were others too, but it was sweet. It was a great weekend!

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