Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Melina's a whole year old

Here is my precious baby girl on her birthday! Isn't she just the most precious little thing? She crawls all over the place. She is pulling up on everything and cruises around holding onto everything. Every once in awhile she lets go and will stand on her own for maybe 5 seconds before she sits down, but she's getting stronger. She walks around holding onto our hands too and she laughs while she walks everywhere. She stays busy checking everythign out and just learned how to open up the cabinet doors. I love to watch her play and take everything in. She's so smart. She babbles da da, ma ma, ha (her way of saying hi), and na na (I think she's saying night night as when she says it she's rubbing her eyes). She blows kisses, waves hello, and gives high fives. She is such a joy! She has such a happy disposition. We all just love her! I just can't believe that she's really a whole year old!

We had my father-in-law in from MI and Andy's Cousin Becky and her hubby and son came in from Lewisville and his Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike came in from Gun Barrel City and then my Mom and brother, Jimmie, came in. We all ate Easter dinner together and then celebrated Melina's first birthday! It was a very fun day. Little bittersweet for Mommy though. A whole year old...wow, where does the time go? Josiah got some bday presents too since he turned 5 the day before Melina. We have a special bday trip planned for him this next weekend though. More to come on that later...

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