Thursday, February 24, 2011

St. Joseph and St. Jude

I'm going to invoke your intercession for 2 big things. My Mother-in Law is trying to sell her condo in Phoenix on short sale so that she can move and be closer to us and her grandkids. She wants to move in with us until she gets a job and can get back on her feet. Her sister is here too so it would be nice for her to have a support system. It's been almost a year (April 1) since she lost her husband. We just want to be there for her and it would be nice for us too to have more support as well and the kids would be able to get to know their other grandma as well. We ask that you, St. Joseph, will intercede and help her sell her home soon so that she can move and be here with us.

I have a friend that we met fostering as well that her and her husband are fighting to adopt their little girl that they've had. I don't want to post too much online about it, but they are a great Christian family, and they just want what is best for her. She's 2 now and really only understands that my friend and her husband are her Mommy and Daddy. When she sees her birthmom, she really doesn't understand that is her birthmom. Please let my friend and her husband be able to adopt this precious little girl and give her a Christian home to grow up in and always know that she's loved and kept safe. St. Jude, I am praying for your intercession with this one. They go to court in March and I pray that this little girl will be allowed to stay with my friend and her husband and her son. They love her SO much and want what is best for her.

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