Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melina has the flu again...

I wound up taking Melina in a couple of days ago as she was SO fussy. She's normally pretty calm and laid back and a very happy baby. I thought maybe that she had another ear infection. I called and made her an appt that morning and they couldn't see her until 4. Well, shortly after lunch she just started screaming and nothing I tried worked to calm her down. I had Andy call and see if they could see her sooner as I really didn't want to see her suffer. Another pediatrician had an earlier appt, so he came home to be with the other kids and get the kids from school while I took Melina in. Her ears looked good, her throat was red and so they swabbed her for strep throat and that came back iffy. She said that most of her iffy tests that she sends off to the lab to be cultured come back as negative, so she was going to assume that it was negative and if the lab came back showing that it had grown strep then she'd give me the antibiotics, but for now she was going to call it negative. She then wanted her tested for the flu and I was shocked when it came back positive. She hasn't been running a fever and I thought I'd see a fever like last time if she had the flu. This is the 2nd time in 2 months that she's had the flu (the same type even...type A). They told me to watch her breathing and make sure she's staying hydrated and told me to rotate tylenol and motrin to help keep her comfortable and give her lots of rest. I feel SO bad for her. This has been one heck of a cold/flu season for our household. Lord, please restore health to our house.

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