Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tracie and the lego incident

We sent the kids up to take naps or have quiet time in their rooms for a bit before Deidra's volleyball game. Tracie was up in her room for a few minutes and she was playing with her blocks. She started to cry and came out saying that she was choking. She was crying and still making noise, but she was gagging on something and so I ran her into the bathroom. Nothing came up and she started yelling "I swallowed my lego." I brought her upstairs to ask her which size it was and she told me. Called the ped office to see whether it would pass on it's own or if it was something I should worry about as Andy and I had differing opinions. He kept saying that it would pass on it's own, I was just worried that it oculd do some damage as it has sharp corners. The ped office told me to bring her into the ER. So, I did. The triage person was really nice and told me that they'd get an x-ray and see if it could pass on it's own or if they needed to refer us to a surgeon. He played with Tracie while he took her vitals and she kept laughing at him. He sent us to the ER clinic and I was almost finished with texting Andy to let us know that we were just put in a room when the nurse walked in. I finished texting the last word that I had been typing when she walked in and went to send it and she was just looking at me. She says "I'm just waiting for you to put your cell phone up" in a rather snotty tone. I never use that thing and the one time I do, I get chewed out. I was just trying to let Andy know what was going on. it's not like she had been standing there for 5 minutes trying to talk to me and I was ignoring her. She didn't even greet us or anything. Anyway, I felt like saying that she could have asked nicely but chose to keep my mouth shut. THey got her an x-ray right htere in her bed and told us it would be about 5-10 minutes and the nurse practitioner would have it. She wound up having to go potty and so I took her out of the room to go to the bathroom and the NP saw me and told me to come here and take a look at the x-ray. She didn't see the lego and said that it would ahve shown up. I told her that I was fairly certain that she had swallowed it as I knew that she had been gagging on something and it didn't come out in the toilet. They told me that if radiology saw anything they'd give me a call. In the meantime, they wanted me to monitor her poop for 3 days and put her on a liquid diet. That didn't make sense to me if they kept telling me that she didn't swallow anything. Anyway, we left and right before we were getting ready to go to the volleyball game, the ER called. The NP told me that radiology saw 2 pieces of chewed up legos in her tummy and that I'd need to keep her on liquids and monitor her poop for 3 days and if it didn't come out by then, I'd have to follow up with her pediatrician to see where it was at and the next course of action.

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