Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parenting the Poorly Attached Child

I have been doing a lot of research on attachment disorder as the more I read the symptoms, the more and more I really think this is what I am dealing with in Josiah. I brought it up to his psychiatrist a couple months ago and she said it couldn't be ruled out given as to what his first year of life was like, but that we'd be able to know more as he got a little older. Well, I just want to be able to help him and I don't want to keep collecting data if there's something that I can do right now to help. So, I found a book and DVD set with great reviews and I wrote to the author. To my surprise, he wrote me back within the hour with some great advice. I asked him if we should be involved in attachment therapy as well. He said if there's someone in the area that can provide it, he highly recommends it as well, but if there's not, the book is a great resource and has the information to start the healing process. Some kids can be healed without attachment therapy, so I wanted to start now. I got the book and DVD set and I also went in search of an attachment therapist. Couldn't find anybody in the Dallas area, but I did find someone in Austin. What I liked about him was that he is an adoptive parent of 2 boys that had this problem. I like knowing that someone has personal experience with it rather than just someone who had studied it in college. I wrote to him and a couple of days later he wrote me back. He seems great, my own stumbling block is that he wants to see us every other week it's 3-4 hours there and 3-4 hours back). I talked to my husband and he said to give the book and DVD a chance and if we still feel like we're not progressing in the right direction, then we'd seek out his help. So, we've been at this for almost a month now. Things are going well. I'm seeking out some videos on you tube of attachment therapy activities and I'm going to try to do my own one-on-one sessions with him each week and see if that helps too. I just feel that the earlier we catch this, the easier it will be. I want to help him and do what is best for him.

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