Thursday, June 16, 2011

Refrigerator Magnets for Crafty Thursday

Today was crafty Thursday and so we made refrigerator magnets. The kids had fun painting and Deidra had fun making characters out of hers!

Deidra wanted to paint the last was a zebra. She said it was hard to do, so she was going to make him be a pizza maker and he has splotches of pizza sauce all over him. At least she's being creative right?

Melina's turtle that Mommy painted for her!

Emily with her sweet giraffe.

Josiah and his mighty lion!

Deidra and her puppy dog. She says he's the cupcake maker.

Tracie and her kitty magnet. She asked me if they were cookies when she was painting it. Too funny. I'm thinking she had that mixed up with decorating sugar cookies. lol

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