Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy around here....

Well, my hard drive took a turn for the worst over the weekend...Andy totally had to save all my stuff on my computer and move it over to his so that he could work on it. He wound up getting me a new hard drive (from one of the computers sitting in the garage) and I still have limited use until he can work on it some more.

Deidra wound up getting sick on Thursday night when she came home from my Mom's and has been complaining that her tummy has been hurting ever since. She's not running any fevers or any other symptoms and had us quite complexed as to what has been going on. Then I happened to notice that she's had quite a hard time of going to the bathroom and then it hit me that she's constipated. We've been pushing water, giving her ex-lax twice a day, trying to increase fiber and fruits and keeping her away from bananas and milk and stuff that's only going to make it worse. She's going a little bit now, but it's awful hard and she's still crying that her stomach hurts. I went out and got some baby enemas that I'm going to try on her today to see if that helps. If not, I guess I'll be putting in a call to the doctor. I feel bad for her... She's soaking in the tub right now and she said her little bottom was sore from trying to go.

We have our monthly home visit tomorrow with our case worker. I'm not too worried about it, however I do have to get the house scrubbed. Why is it that I stress so much about having the house cleaned when company comes...I didn't always used to be that way...but ever since we moved down here I really do like the house to be clean...especially when company comes. Before I always had a clean house, but stuff was's still like that on a typical day but I do like the house scrubbed once a week and everything put in it's place however if I know people are coming over I do it the day before they're supposed to be coming too. This house has been getting scrubbed and scrubbed...and I've totally laxed about doing it since Baby E left. But, Andy helped me a little bit Saturday and I have to redo it all today (I hate how small this house is)...not totally...but most of it needs to be recleaned. Deidra said that she'd help me out and I told her that her main responsibility is just to get her room cleaned. She needs to go through her toys again and weed out what she no longer plays with as her room is getting out of control again. She keeps trying to give her stuff to Baby J, but he'd rather play with his trucks and blocks rather than her stuffed animals.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know why I'm on the quiet side....

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