Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy weekend...

I took Saturday off from work to take Deidra to cheerleading camp and take her back-to-school shopping. We got her all ready to go to camp and Baby J was being really fussy. I went to pick him up after I got Deidra's hair all done and he proceeded to barf all over me. So Andy had to take her to camp while I got J all cleaned up and redressed. I put him down for a nap and he slept for awhile. When he woke up, he was happier so I thought that I'd try to feed him some lunch. I got his chicken all cut up for him and put it on his tray. No sooner does he say "mmm" then he proceeded to throw up all over his tray and the floor. Once again, I picked him up and brought him to his room to change him and he threw up 4 or 5 more times all over his bedroom floor. Finally got him out in the hall to walk down to the bathroom and he threw up in the hall and over the bathroom floor. Got him into the tub to wash him off and he wanted to play in the water. Sat with him in there for a little while and then I got him back out and just put him in a diaper. I got some motrin in him as he was feeling pretty warm and then he just wanted me to sit with him and cuddle him. I felt so awful for him...he was giving me the most pitiful and sad looks. Andy went and got Deidra from camp and she asked when we were going to go shopping. At that point, I was really wondering if we should go as I didn't really want to leave J. Andy told me to go ahead and take her and he'd stay with J. He'd really fuss unless it was me holding him and I was really debating on whether to take her or not. Finally, I realized that D had really been looking forward to going shopping and it was tax-free weekend and one of the reasons that I had taken off of work. We were only shopping about 10-15 minutes away and so I told Andy that I'd go ahead and take her but if he got sick again and it was really fussing and he needed me to come home, to call me. I didn't think we'd be gone all that long.

We ran to JC Penney's first as they were having a closing sale as the store is relocating to a bigger building that is being built by Home Depot. We got some cute outfits for some good deals for her and Baby J. Then, we went to Target where I treated us both to Starbucks and then we were finally able to find her back to school supply list that she needed to bring with her to school. I told her the prices for that stuff were cheaper at Wal-mart so we just looked at the clothing at Target. We found a couple cute things for her and I got J a little sweatsuit from there at a good price. Then, we ran to Wal-mart and we finished up the clothes shopping first. More cute stuff and more good deals. I just need to find Deidra some jeans (nothing is fitting her right that we's either too snug in the waist and way too long or way too big in the waist and the pant legs are way too I'm going to have to try a different store with her) and some new shoes and she'll be good to go. Then, we went and got all her construction paper, notebooks, pencils, erasers, new backpack, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags, glue, markers, and all that stuff that she needed to bring to school. I just need to run back to Target sometime this week to get manilla paper as Wal-mart didn't have the right size paper that she needed. We had a lot of fun together while we were out and by the time we got home I never realized that we had been out for a little over 4 hours. Oops!

We got home and Baby J was feeling a bit better. Andy hadn't fed him hardly anything as I had told him to just give his tummy a break. However, he had given him a couple ounces of soy milk to see how his tummy did shortly before I got home. He handled that ok and wanted to eat so we gave him a couple more ounces of milk a little piece of toast to chomp at. He did ok with that and so I had just had a quick errand to run and so we did that as a family. He did fine in the car, but the minute we got home he just wanted to sit on my lap and be held. I loved on him for awhile and then we got him ready for bed. I was a bit nervous about giving him a full bottle to go to bed with, so I just put him down with a couple ounces in his bottle and I gave him some more motrin before bed. This kid can eat like a I wasn't sure if he was going to cry when he finished what I had given him until I gave him a full bottle or not. But, he went to sleep without any issues so I was happy about that.

During Saturday night, Deidra kept saying that her tummy hurt. My stomach was feeling a bit off as well, so I wasn't sure if I just felt like that from cleaning up puke all day or if I had a touch of what he did as well. Deidra wound up coming in our room in the middle of the night and sleeping on her sheets so that she was close to the toilet if she needed it. Sunday morning came and I was feeling a little better and so I decided to go to church by myself while Andy stayed with the kids. When I got home, J was back to his normal happy self and Deidra was feeling ok although she still was saying that her tummy was hurting. The doctor put her on Prevacid to see if we're dealing with acid reflux as this has been an ongoing problem and so I think the medicine is just going to take more time to work. If we don't see any progress in a month's time, they'll be running some tests on her. I hope though that the medicine will make a difference, although the medicine is expensive. I was shocked when we got it filled and Andy showed me the price that he paid to get it ($110). I thought that the pharmacy hadn't ran it through insurance, but then I saw that insurance paid $38 towards it. UGH! It's worth it though if it makes her feel better...guess we're just going to have to give it some time to work. Anyway, I was able to spend a couple hours with Andy and the kids before I had to go to work. Work was exceptionally slow since it was tax-free weekend...everyone was out clothes shopping instead of doing home improvements this weekend. It made the time just drag by. 8 hours felt like an eternity. I was glad to get back home after work. Andy and I spent some quality time together talking about things and had some time to really connect with one another. That was nice as we've both been so busy lately that I was really starting to feel the was nice to close in the gaps again and to feel that closeness that I had been missing.



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