Friday, August 17, 2007

Keep us in your prayers...

J's CPS caseworker came by today. She told me that J's mom had a caseworker that has been visiting with her down there, but she won't open up to her. Since she's used to the same CPS worker that J has, the worker is going to make an appt to go down there and talk with her. She wants her to understand that she has a real option to place J with us and she wants her to know that he's happy and doing well. She told me that he used to be a really quiet baby and he just seemed like he was sad all the time. She said she can't get over the change in his demeanor and how happy he is with us. She wants him to stay with us and she told me that she really wanted to talk to his mom about that. I told her that I just don't want adoption pushed on her and she said that she understands, but given how young she is, what she's going through already, and the positive changes she sees in J she wants her to really consider it and she said that since his mom was the one that brought it up first, she can see it going to adoption. I gave her pictures today to send to her and she asked me if it would be ok if she called with his mom on the line so that she could talk to us as his mom had some questions and we could put the phone up to J's ear for her to talk to him a bit. I told her that was fine, but I'd prefer that they used my cell number so that she couldn't trace our address that way. I told her that his mom was welcome to call that number anytime that she wanted as long as it was hours within reason and that she wasn't calling everyday. When she left, she said that she appreciated how open I was being with everything and how willing to work with not only his birthmom, but with her too. She said that she is really pulling for us and that this is the part of her job that she likes. She said too that she can see how clearly bonded J is to us as well and that is such a good thing. I want to keep this little boy more than anything. I'm a bit nervous about the questions that J's mom has for us and in talking with her as we've never talked to the birthparents before, but I just pray for God's guidance when she calls. I wasn't prepared for the caseworker's comments today though in her being on our makes me feel good, but hearing about how her perceptions of how quiet and sad he used to be makes me want to cry too. I just hope that some good can come out of this situation for J, his mom, and for us and that no matter what happens, we'll all be able to stay a part of his life.

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Blogger Sarah said...

Good luck! Keep us posted!! I'll be thinking of you guys and hope J's birthmom really weighs her options and chooses what's best for him.

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