Thursday, August 09, 2007

Foster Parent Fundraiser

Our foster parent association is having their quarterly fundraiser. The monies that we earn goes to help the kids with their clothing, school supplies, Christmas fund, placement money to help with furnishings their bedroom furniture, and that type of thing. Anyway if anyone wants to help us's a list of what you can buy and the association gets to keep 50% of the earnings to help our county's kids. YEAH!

Hi everyone! Sorry to bother you again. Deidra thanks you for helping her out with her cheerleader fundraiser and now we're coming to you again with our quarterly foster parents' association fundraiser. This one is through Home Interiors and will help the county's foster children. Candles, air fresheners, lotions and shower gels, kids' soaps and bathtime stuff. Thanks so much for your help!

Homestyle Candle Jars (7.5 oz jar with burn time of 40 hours) $7
Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection
Hawaiian Delight -- An enlivening blend of coconut, pineapple and banana
Sprinkle Shortbreak Cookies -- The wafting aroma of freshly baked vanilla shortbread cookies
Raisin Bread -- The fresh-baked aroma of raisin bread spiced with cinnamon and clove
Chocolate Dipped Apricots -- The enticing essence of sweet apricots dipped in rich milk chocolate
Brambleberries -- The scent of ripe, juicy berries with a hint of vanilla
Chocolate Iced Cookies -- The irresistible aroma of creamy chocolate icing atop soft vanilla cookies
Egg Nog -- The inviting aroma of rich, creamy egg nog flavored with vanilla and nutmeg
Apple Nut Muffin -- The enticing scent of warm apple-nut muffins flavored with maple and ginger
Spiced Orange -- Fresh-cut orange slices simmered with allspice and cinnamon sticks

Designer Candle Jars (12.5 oz jar with burn time of 65 hours) $12
Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection
Lily of the Valley -- A rich floral bouquet of lilies of the valley, lilacs, tea roses and jasmine
Asian Pear -- Fresh-picked pears with a hint of rich vanilla bean
Pineapple Guava -- These bright, rich fruit essences are sweet and exotic
Citrus & Rose -- Fresh-cut roses mingle with citrus, sweet pea and jasmine
Cinnamon Red Tea -- Fragrant red tea leaves infused with cinnamon and orange blossom
Delicate Breeze -- Bergamot, lemon and reosemary create a clean, refreshing combination
Moonlight Tuberose -- A soft and silky blend of tuberose, jasmine, green apple and white pear
Fresh Cotton -- The essence of freshness enhanced by bergamot, lemon and jasmine
Cranberry Orange -- Tangy cranberries and fresh orange zest with notes of pomegranate and orchid

Fragrance Ceramic Charms $10
Shimmering Stars Fragrance Charms in the scent of Holiday Pine -- the crisp, natural scent of a freshly cut pine tree. Set of 2. They come with ribbon hangers.

Country Casual Fragrance Charms in the scent of Baked Applie Pie -- Fresh apples and fragrant cinnamon baked to perfection. Set of 2. You will receive one apple shaped charm and one chicken shaped charm. They come with ribbon hangers.

Lotions & Shower Gels (8 oz) $9 each. Sold Separately.
Jasmine Sweet Pea -- A subtly exotic scent with light floral nights. Comes in lotion and a gel.
Blackberry Vanilla -- Fresh berries blended with creamy vanilla. Comes in lotion and a gel.
Tangerine -- Tangerine essence blended with soothing botanicals. Comes in lotion and a gel.

Room Fresheners (5-pack) $10
Linen Fresh -- The light, clean scentof fabric softener with cedar and jasmine
Mango Cooler -- A tropical blend of juicy mango, ripe tangerine and zesty lemon
Green Apple -- The tart yet sweet scent of crunchy green apples
Jasmine Vanilla -- Fragrant, calming jasmine with rich notes of vanilla and rosewood

Zoobilee Bath Collection For Kids
Zoobilee Hand Soap -- Cherry Crush 9.5 fl. oz. $7.99
Zoobilee Hand Soap -- Burstin' Blueberry 9.5 fl. oz. $7.99
Zoobilee Mud Soap -- Very Berry Melon 12.5 fl. oz. $9.99
Zoobilee Finger Paint Soap -- Very Berry Melon 3.5 fl. oz. $6.99
Zoobilee Bath Gels -- Cherry Crush, Burstin' Blueberry and Very Berry Melon 3 pc set $7.99
Zoobilee Bath Mitt -- 11"x10 3/4" polyester 8.99

If we do have to ship your order, we will charge a small shipping fee...but it will just be actual shipping charges. :-) If you do send a check too, please make it out to ECFPA. Thanks!! Just let me know if you're interested in placing an order and I'll let you know my mailing address. I have to have all money turned in by the first week in September and we'll get the merchandise by the first week in October. Thanks so much!

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