Thursday, August 09, 2007


I went for my yearly pap smear at the end of July. They called today saying that it came back abnormal but it wasn't giving them a grade. My ob-gyn said that since I don't have a history of abnormal paps that I could just come back in a year and have the test repeated. I asked his nurse if that was really ok to do as I don't really want to take a chance. She said that a lot of times the tests are misread and the doctor was just chalking it up to that. I hung up with her and sat and thought about it. I don't think I feel comfortable waiting a year. We have a family history of ovarian and uterine cancer. I called the insurance company and asked them if they'd cover a repeat test and she was shocked that the doctor was willing to let it go for another year without finding out for sure what a 2nd test revealed. So, now I'm worrying that this really may be cancer or something pre-cancerous. But, it makes me mad that the doctor just blew it off like that. Unfortunately to have the 2nd test covered under insurance it has to be done by the same doctor, but if I still don't feel comfortable after that one, I'm switching offices.

Update: Well, the doctor himself called and said he won't do another test as he doesn't think I have to worry. So, I'll be calling my Mom's doctor that she goes to and having another test done there.



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