Friday, April 25, 2008

Going to be another busy day...

It's Baby J's birthday today. I have to wrap his presents still. Then, Baby D and Little J have their visit today. After that, I have to run to the bakery to get Baby J's cake. Then, I'm going to run and pick up dinner...I think we're just going to get Chicken Express tonight (we're taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow).

Scrapbooks Please is having a scrapbook print sale today and so I have about 70 layouts to upload to have printed for 99 cents each. Then, they have 20% off on orders of $50 or more. Not bad really since I get most of my scrap kits for free. So, it really just costs me to print them and buy the albums that they go in. This way, I have their albums caught up through November. Then, I just have to catch them up through April and then print those. Then, they'll have their books to take home with them.

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