Monday, June 30, 2008

3-day weekend blur...

We had a 3-day weekend and it all blurred together. I was really sick on Friday and had to go to the doctor. Andy came home to stay with the kids while I went in. Then, after I came home and we ate some dinner he put the boys to bed for me and took the girls in to work with him to do a little bit of work that he had to do. He came home and put the girls to bed and I was asleep on the couch and didn't even hear the door alarms go off. Oops! Those meds do a number on me that's for sure.

Saturday, I was still not feeling all that well, but we had a function to go to up at our foster care agency and the kids had fun. We came home and had nap time and Andy and I tried to clean up a bit while the kids were napping and then we sat on the couch and tried to nap ourselves for a bit. Yeah, like we ever thought that was going to I think the key word here is that we TRIED. Oh well... He got the kids put down to bed for me and then he had to go in and finish up some work. He left around 8:30 and I felt so bad that he was giving up sleep to go into work and I had told him earlier in the day that he could go in and I'd try to muttle through everything, but he wanted to stay home with me to make sure that I was taken care of. I was touched... He's so sweet...I told him that I'd try to stay up and wait for him the best that I could. He left and I fell asleep on the couch for a bit and then I woke up thinking it was a lot later than what it was. Baby J tried to get up and I had to go put him back to bed...he just wanted another cup of water. I got him back down and then I came down and emailed Andy. Watched tv for a bit and he wrote me back. Waited up until about 1 am and then decided I was going to go lay down. Yeah, what was I thinking...Deidra woke up and had had a nightmare and wanted to lay in Andy's spot in bed. I let her lay down and she is horrid to try and sleep next to...she's a bed hog and she's constantly rubbing her feet against mine or against my legs and it drives me batty. So, I got up and went and laid back on the couch. When Andy's not here I hear every little thing and it freaks me out. So, I got up and called him just to hear his voice. We talked for a minute and he said it was eerie being at work with nobody there. I laughed as I get like this every time he's not at home at night. He said he wouldn't be too much longer, he just had one last task to do and that was just doing a few moves and rewiring their computers. He said it would take about 15-20 minutes per person and if everything went well he'd be leaving soon thereafter. I went to lay down again and the cats managed to knock a huge canister bin of markers and crayons down and it made a huge noise not to mention I had crayons and markers all over my kitchen floor. So, here it is 2 am and I'm picking it all up off the floor. I get that cleaned up and decide to go lay down one more time and I just about doze off and the baby woke up screaming. Poor baby had bad tummy pains. So, I sat with him for a long time trying to calm him down, tried to feed him and that only made it worse. So, finally I gave him some gas drops and a little motrin and fed him some prune juice and that did the trick. I got him down to bed around 4 and then I called Andy once more to see how he was doing and to tell him that I was finally going to bed. He told me he was on the way home. I stayed up to wait for him since he wasn't that far away and I think we finally made it to bed around 5 to have the kids up at 6:30. Oh well....

Sunday, we were SO tired and dragging, but we did the best that we could. I still wasn't feeling all that wonderful and we had quiet time for the girls and nap time for the boys and tried to nap ourselves. Then, we had some errands to run. We came home and we all went to bed early.

Today (Monday), we went to the water park with the foster parent's association. We had a ton of fun, but we all came home with sunburns. I got it the worst. :-( My face, shoulders, neck, and back all look like a lobster. Came home and had Andy help me slather on Solarcaine with Aloe Vera gel. Hopefully, it will feel better in the morning. Baby J fell asleep riding on the intertube with me on the Lazy was too cute. I wish I would have had the camera to capture that. He had so much fun there...he's a little fish...he loved riding the kiddie water slides too. I thought they'd scare him with the water a little bit, but he got to the bottom and just yelled out "FUN" and he instantly wanted to go again. So cute!

We have a very busy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then we have another 3-day weekend. We're going to see some friends that we went to high school with in San Antonio. It should be fun! And the 4th of July is always a fun trip down memory lane for Andy and I anyway...10 years ago this 4th of July marks the day he proposed to me. Awww!

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