Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ugh! Family!

So, we've been down in Texas for 2 years (May 1 was our year marker). FIL keeps saying he's going to come down and then he says it's too expensive to travel or he doesn't have the vacation days to take and moves the date. He just retired a couple weeks back from his main job and now he just works 15-20 hours at Home Depot. Well, he was saying that he was going to come down in September. After he said that we started toying with the idea of going up to MI for Christmas, but we didn't tell him that. Well, Andy's aunt just came back from Washington DC and now Andy's Dad said that since he's never been to DC he thinks he's going to go down there in September instead of coming down here. Well, he's never been to Texas either so that sort of hurt Andy. Now, he's saying that he'll come down here in November instead. I told Andy that as stingy as he is with money he's not going to make 2 trips like that just months apart. Andy said last night "well, we're not going back up to MI until he comes down here."

What is so darned hard about coming down to see us? UGH!

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