Monday, August 04, 2008

Little A and Baby L are Moving This Week...

They were doing homestudies on a friend of Mom's and on Baby L's Dad. We've known for a bit now that they were going to be moving, we just didn't know when. Well, it looks like Little A is for sure moving this Wednesday to the friend of Mom's and as long as Dad's assessment comes back ok, Baby L will be going with Dad. If it doesn't come back alright, he'll be going with Little A to the friend of Mom's. But, if they get the assessment results by tomorrow he'll be moving on Wednesday as well. If not, he'll be staying a couple of extra days. My heart is hurting, but I knew it was coming. We're back on the placement call list. I need to print off some pictures so that I can get them little books ready to go for the past 2 months that they were here and get all their clothing accounted for. I'm going to go get them little good-bye gifts as well.

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