Saturday, August 02, 2008

We had a surprise last night...

We were told that the transporter from CPS was going to be picking up the baby that we were doing respite for to bring her to a visit in the morning. Well, noon came and I hadn't heard from them or anything and so I contacted our worker. No sooner did I do that than the CPS worker called to let me know they were still doing the visit but they were going to come after 6pm. I told her that was fine. Didn't think anymore of it.

The doorbell rings at 6:45 and we open the door to find her biological parents standing at our doorway. Dad spoke very little english and kept asking when he had to have her back by. She's not coming back to us, she's going to her regular foster home on Monday. I told him to contact the CPS worker. They asked me for some formula for her for in the car and they left. But, I was livid that CPS had sent bio parents to our door. They're not supposed to be given that information at all. I called and left a message for the CPS worker on her cell phone and I emailed our foster care director as well. And then I called my own caseworker and we talked about everything for awhile and she was just as angry as I was. Apparently they've had other problems from this CPS worker and she wanted the CPS worker's cell number from me so that she could call and talk to her. I felt horrible that my caseworker was supposed to be on vacation, but here I was calling her over something like this. But, it left me feeling panicky and since it was after hours I needed to talk to someone. I told her that they were nice when they were here, but you never know with birthparents and their history of what they're thinking necessarily. She completley understood where I was coming from and she said that info never should have been given out. Come to find out, she called me back after talking to the CPS worker and Dad doesn't even have a driver's license (he's here illegally) and he was told that he couldn't come...CPS wanted the aunt to come pick her up. Well, nobody bothered to tell me that, so I had no way of knowing. I told my caseworker that I thought it was Mom & Dad that came to pick her up and she then informed me that Mom wasn't supposed to be around the child. I told her that I thought I had heard her call herself Mama to the child, but I could've been wrong. Maybe it was the Aunt. I said that the baby didn't know who to reach for when I held her at the door and she took her finally. All I know is that our addresses are never supposed to be given out for the safety of us and the children and I am so upset that this was given out. I'm hoping that nothing will come of it, but it really leaves a person feeling panicky...especially with what the child was removed for.

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